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Active Research Projects:

Materials Research

  • Far from equilibrium semiconductor materials: B-III-V, Tl-III-V, III-V-Bi, and SiGeSn
  • Novel materials systems: e.g. IV-VI
  • Effects of surfactants and interfactants on epitaxial growth
  • Heterogeneous integration of group-IV (C, Si, Ge, and Sn) with III-V materials
  • Exploration of the fundamental epitaxial process through machine learning combined with multiscale modeling and in operando sensing
  • Phonon scattering reduction in infrared materials
  • Auger recombination reduction in infrared materials
  • Epitaxial semiconductor-semimetal junction
  • Heterogeneous integration of group-IV  (C, Si, Ge, and Sn) with III-V materials
  • Earth-abundant simultaneous transparent conducting oxide and anti-reflective coating materials
  • Transparent semiconductors for the mid to far infrared
  • Optical properties of refractory metals
  • Optical properties of semiconductors in the infrared

Photovoltaics (PVs)

  • Monolithic multi-lattice multijunction ultra-efficient concentrating PV solar cells
  • Novel small band-gap sub-cell materials for multijunction cells
  • Earth-abundant simultaneous transparent conducting oxide and anti-reflective coating materials
  • Earth-abundant PV materials
  • Split junction concentrating photovoltaics.

Thermophotovoltaics (TPVs)

  • Extended wavelength (2-10 micron) TPV cells
  • Nano-structure enhanced performance TPV cells
  • High temperature nanostructured emitters, see below
  • Infrared rectennas for thermal energy harvesting

Metamaterials (MMs)

  • High temperature selective thermal emitters for TPV cells
  • Long wavelength selective thermal emitters for TPV cells
  • Static and dynamic polarizers for photodetctor applications
  • Photonic Crystal Filters for TPV and photodetector applications
  • Fabry-Perot emitters


  • Type-II strained-layer superlattices (SLS) IR photodetectors
  • Quantum dots in a well (DWELL) IR photodetectors
  • Low-noise, multi-spectral, tunable, detectors for IR astronomy

High-Speed Devices

  • Terahertz transistors
  • High-speed, low-voltage, semimetal-semiconductor rectifying diodes
  • Novel strain-free gate/channel materials for high-speed (500+ GHz) DHBTs and FETs

Past Research Projects:

  • Germanium quantum-dot quantum cellular automata (QCA)
  • Silicon-Germanium quantum dot superlattices
  • Sb-based type-II DHBT high-speed transistors